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Creative Writing 🎨

tián mì mì: the screenplay (2021)

tián mì mì (2021)

action! (2021)

name monologue (2021)

embracing culture shock (2019)

meraki (2017)

An adapted screenplay of my short story “tián mì mì.”

A short story that alludes to the 1979 love ballad sung by Taiwanese pop legend Teresa Teng. There, “tián mì mì” refers to a warm, tight-knit relationship between two lovers.

A epistolary-style short story told by an international student to her traditional Chinese parents back home. 

A monologue about the reason why I chose to keep my full name (Moe Hay Mar Kaung) instead of Westernizing it. 

A narrative essay to welcome prospective international students and freshmen to Mills College. 

A descriptive essay about my first trip to Cambodia and one of my last Week Without Walls trips.

Academic & Qualitative Research 🎤

“Effectively Representing Women of Color in Post COVID-19 World: a Qualitative Approach” (2020)

“The Social Psychology Behind Get Out” (2020)

“The Cognitive Roots of Marketing Amid COVID-19: Duality & Heuristics” (2020)

“Generations” (2018)

“The Entrepreneurial Women of Myanmar Have Spoken” (2017)
A qualitative research report and marketing consultancy project conducted on behalf of The Wine Noire. For Marketing Management (MGMT 130) and Qualitative Methods for Policy Research (PPOL 116).

A psychology literature review with references from Jordan Peele’s film Get Out. For Social Psychology (PSYC 155).

A psychology literature review synthesized with evolving marketing concepts in the context of COVID-19. For Cognitive Psychology (PSYC 156).

A series of interviews with three generations of Burmese women on sociopolitical change in Myanmar. For Marga Magazine reporting on Model United Nations.

A summary of interviews with rising and veteran women entrepreneurs in Myanmar. For The Yangon Academy Times


Journalism Stories 📰

“Purpose of Asia and Myanmar” (2019)

“Revival” (2017)

“Roasted Realness: REN Japanese Restaurant” (2017)

“Ngapali Diaries” (2016)

“Smashed, Spicy, Surreal - D’Penyetz Myanmar (2016)

A business feature about Kantar’s marketing insights on corporate social responsibility. For EuroCham in Myanmar.

An editorial to introduce the paperless rebranding of The Yangon Academy Times. For The Howl

A food feature based on my experiences in Myanmar. For The Yangon Academy Times.

A travel feature based on my experiences in Ngapali Beach, Myanmar. For The Yangon Academy Times.

A food feature written during my time as an editorial contributor at MYANMORE. For their client D’Penyetz